TrialWareMakerPro 1.0

No Image TrialWareMakerPro, Shareware Trialware Protection Software: Award-Winning, Simple Interface Software Converter! Convert any application or e-book into time-limited shareware. A function library offering a flexible locking system with solid encryption. Generate serial numbers to register your application. Test program included. Easy to implement. Support for VB, C++, Delphi, Other exes and ebooks.

TrialwareDialog  ActiveX Control 1.1.2: ActiveX control to implement trial versions of software.
TrialwareDialog ActiveX Control 1.1.2

TrialwareDialog ActiveX Control is for software developers who are looking for a simple way to implement a trial version of their software product. The TrialwareDialog ActiveX Control works similar to the Microsoft Common Dialog control and simplifies the process of creating a trial version of your product by exposing properties and methods to create a simple trial dialog window to display to your users.

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Trialware Submit 3.200: TSubmit is a free Windows program to aid software submission to download sites.
Trialware Submit 3.200

Trialware Submit (TSubmit) is a free Windows program that aids developers in submitting their trial software to software download sites. The semi-automatic form fill, e-mail submission and power-paste features greaty simply the manual form submission process. Completed forms can be saved to improve the auto-fill process next time the site is visited. TSubmit currently contains up to 340 software sites.

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Diskeeper Trialware for Networks 10.0: Diskeeper 10 Trialware for Networks
Diskeeper Trialware for Networks 10.0

Fragmentation cuts directly across the integrity of your systems causing crashes, slowdowns, freeze-ups and even total system failures. To keep your systems reliable and healthy, defragmentation must be done daily. DiskeeperŪ 10, the Number One Automatic DefragmenterŪ is so fast and transparent that it runs on active servers and PCs, defragmenting while users work.

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Crack Killer 1.20: Application for software authors to track and report web sites pirating software
Crack Killer 1.20

Crack Killer is an application that allows software authors to track and report web sites hosting cracks, serials and pirated versions of their software. Crack Killer keeps track of active and inactive pirate software sites. After entering the site information and e-mail contacts for these sites, software vendors can easily send a tailored complaint notice. DMCA complaint notices can also be sent.

software, warez, piracy, serials, prevention, trialware, crack

ShadowSurfer 2.5: ShadowSurfer creates a virtual PC. Eliminate unwanted PC changes with a reboot
ShadowSurfer 2.5

ShadowSurfer eliminates new spyware, viruses and worms, cookies, internet history, cyberjunk and malware before it is permanently written to your PC. You can start a ShadowMode session, install trialware, games or surf the internet and discard those changes at the end of your session, keeping your PC in a clean and optimal state at all times.

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Shareware Toolbar 0.9

Search the internet or use the built in options to download shareware, trialware and freeware from The download shareware toolbar has a built in RSS reader. The main categories for the shareware directory are pre loaded in the RSS reader. You can even track your shareware search results by subscribing to the RSS feed for the results page. Enjoy!

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